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Recruitment Fees - Free of charge

on employment of persons with disabilities
in the job market supported by shareQ and ProAbled team



ProAbled launches 1 minute video for the inclusion of people with disabilities

The biggest campaign to reach all persons with disabilities across Lebanon and support them finding jobs

In collaboration with

              Alfanar       Asfari      Souk LB   Brookes University    Global Compact, Lebanon Network       

Trained Candidates Ready to Work

More than 100 trained candidates ready to work in different regions in Lebanon in the following fields:

Sales Cashier
Kitchen Crew Secretariat
Technician Helper Call Center / Operator
Customer Service Electrician
Stock Keeping Maintenance
Practical Nurse Driver



If you’re interested to recruit employees trained by professionals, NGOs or vocational centers, you can register now.

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Services We Provide

ProAbled is an online platform connecting HR and recruitment departments in companies to potential employees trained by NGOs or vocational centers, with a priority to people with physical, social or financial disabilities. You can:
1- Search for candidates fulfilling your job needs
2- Connect with the candidates to organize interviews (with our team facilitation support)
3- Recruit employees from the interviewed candidates

Blue Collar/ Technical candidates

Skilled trainees ready for employment in F&B, customer service, secretarial work, construction...

Centralized database for several NGOs

Consolidation of trainees databases from reputable NGOs in one platform

Privacy of candidates

Only the initials of names of candidates will appear on the platform. After the recruiter sends an "interest message" in a candidate, the name and phone number will be sent by email

Easy filtering system

A straighforward filtering system enabling recruiters to directly find the candidates with the criteria needed for each position